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Vacuum Die Sets (6-50 mm)
Vacuum Die Sets (6-50 mm)
Vacuum Die Sets (6-50 mm)
Vacuum Die Sets (6-50 mm)

Vacuum Die Sets (6-50 mm)

Pellet Press Die Sets
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Description of Vacuum Pellet Press Die Sets

Vacuum die sets allow you to evacuate your die set before and during pressing by connection a vacuum line (not supplied) to the 1/4 inch hose connection. Choose your inner diameter (ID) from 6, 12, 25 or 50 mm. If you need another size - please order through our custom die set form.

The vacuum sets are made of D Tool Steel and operate much the same as our standard sets. If you are not connecting to a vacuum, then our standard sets are cheaper and come with less parts.

With your custom vacuum die set order we’ll include the following:

  • 1x Die Sleeve
  • 1x Plunger Rod
  • 2x Spacers
  • 1x Base plate
  • 1x Vacuum fitting for a 1/4 ID vacuum hose (hose not included)
  • 3x Rubber O-rings (already fitted)
  • 1x Aluminum release ring with cutout for viewing pellet during release

    Shipping your custom die set: Free shipping across USA.

    It is not typically necessary to place samples under vacuum before or during pressing as the air is pushed out from between the grains and from the sample, moving around the small gaps of the die set. However vacuum dies are often used when preparing samples for FTIR and other techniques when low moisture is preferred and it is not possible to prepare in a glove box / dry environment. Vacuum dies (or evacuable dies) are very much like our standard die sets, except they have connection (port) for a vacuum hose on the base plate. There are channels around the base plate for the gas to move through. O-rings around the vacuum fitting, base plate and plunger dramatically reduce the air flow from the outside travelling into the die set when assembled, allowing it to be dried.

    To use, check the o-rings for any damage, assembles the die set, and add 1 spacer on the bottom for a flat pressing surface. The powder is added, followed by the second spacer (not essential), then the plunger. Connect your vacuum hose (not sold here but readily available online or in most labs) to the base plate. Apply the vacuum from a small vacuum pump (not sold here) or “house” vacuum if you have it in the lab. Compact the powder a little by pressing on the top of the plunger with your hand so that it is fully engaged with the top of your powder. Turn on the vacuum for your preferred time, then press. You can keep the vacuum on during pressing. After you are finished pressing, turn off the vacuum before you release the pellet. If you want to keep it dry, store in a desiccator or glove box.



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    • Always wear googles and safety protection equipment
    • Clean well after use to prevent rusting.
    • Do not apply pressure beyond shown on table.
    • See our tips for making perfect pellets here.