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Collection: Hydraulic Lab Presses

The Hydraulic Lab Presses from Pellet Press Die Sets come in 5 Ton, 15 Ton, 25 Ton and 40 Ton pressing force. They work on the hydraulic principle that a relatively low force can be delivered through simply pumping of the handle to deliver high loads into your pellet die (or anything else you are pressing). All our presses come with an all-in-one design to mitigate oil leaks and are designed to be easy to use with you pellet press die set or anything else you are pressing.

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Hydraulic Lab Presses all come with 

  • Adjustable top pressing surface
  • Perspex safety guard
  • Long easy to use handle
  • Accurate pressure gauge
  • Hardened Steel Construction
  • All in one leak free design

Hydraulic presses are a requirement in all material science labs for pressing pellets, lamination and punching electrodes. The presses available here can be used with all of our pellet press die sets or with many other processes in the lab.

What size press do you need for your lab?

 Max Force of Press Recommended for use with which die sets
5 Ton Press 3-15 mm diameter
10 Ton Press 3-25 mm diameter
25 Ton Press 8-32 mm diameter
40 Ton Press 12-70 mm diameter

These are suggested hydraulic presses however it will typically be determined by the largest diameter die you will be using. Please check the recommended force for good pellets and max recommended force on the product page for your pellet die. Indeed you can make good pellets with relatively low pressing forces.

For smaller pellets (<8 mm diameter). It is recommended to use a smaller press as you can be more accurate with the force applied and you have more feeling while you are pressing. If you are pressing a 6 mm die set with 40 Ton press, it will be difficult to be accurate with the force applied and 1 pump of the handle can quickly exceed the max force for this smaller die. This is where we see most errors occur, so plan ahead and make sure you know what force you’re trying to get to before pressing.

Press Safety Guard

All of our hydraulic lab presses come complete with a Perspex safety guard and pressure gauge. Minimum assembly is required out of the box so you can get pressing straight away.

If your press does not have a guard between you and the high loads used then we suggest you get one - they can be retrofitted to old presses. You may not know what forces your collogues have used in the past on a specific die or if your gauge is 100% accurate or 100 other possible possible factors - so always be safe , use a guard and make sure it is closed during pressing.

Adjustable Top Pressing Surface

For each of our hydraulic press options, the top pressing surface is on hardened steel screw thread allowing quick alignment with the die set plunger or sample you are using, so no more endless pump to get there. If you are pressing a few pellets in a row then or press regularly, this feature will really save you a lot of time (and patience), press smarter, not harder!

Low Maintenance Hydraulic Press Design

Often you will walk into a lab and there will be a 30 year old press on the side and it will have tape over it saying "out of order". Hydraulic presses have high pressure components inside and multiple points of possible failure during use for extended times at high pressures. The all-in-one enclosed deigned of our hydraulic presses means less issues and maintenance-free performance for longer. All our presses are backed by a 1-year warranty and maintenance support for as long as you have the press.

Accurate Force Gauge

If you are going to press good pellets consistently then you are going to need to know what force and stress you applied to your pellet. Many presses come with a pressure gauge which reads in psi or MPa. If this is the case, you need to convert this pressure, (which is the pressure of the oil under the ram in the press) to a force. This is done by dividing by the effective area of you ram. This should be available in your press manual or a conversion graph / formula should be provided. If you don't have this, please get it before pressing otherwise you don't know what force you are pressing with.

Ideally you will have a force gauge so there you can accurately read the applied force. All of our presses come with a highly accurate force gauge. From this force you can figure out stress you are applying to the die set plunger and therefore the pellet by dividing by the cross sectional area of the plunger.  In scientific journals - this is typically the value you will see quoted as it is independent of the diameter of your die, so an easily transferable quantity.

For the recommended max forces and recommended forces for good pellets please see the table on the product page of the specific pellet press die you are using. Please note that with small diameter pellet dies, very high stresses can be reached with relatively low forces. If you are pressing with high loading then we recommend looking at out high strength low profile die sets.

Using Hydraulic Presses in a Glove Box

Our hydraulic presses can be used in a glove box but the limiting parameter is usually the diameter of the antechamber to get the hydraulic press into the glove box. Our 5 Ton press is often sufficient and will fit into the typical antechamber however please check the diameter of your against the dimensions of the press. If in doubt or you need a smaller press, please send us an email including the inner diameter of your antechamber and pressing force required and we can help advise you.

1 year Warranty and CE Certified Hydraulic Presses

Our hydraulic presses have been made in a CE certified facility according to highest standards and are individually tested and quality controlled. Each press comes with a 1 year warranty, any replacement parts required during this time and support if you have a problem at any point after that.

Order your hydraulic lab press today and get pressing!

"The best powder pressing equipment I have ever used"

B. Maling, Research Technician, Johnson Matthey