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Custom Dies

We can make pellet press die sets to your requirements. Any size, mm or inches. We make dies in different shapes and sizes: for making round, oval and square pellets and any other shape! Lead time takes around 5-8 weeks depending on workload. Prices start from $350. Inquire today!

Custom designs include: 

  • Cylindrical Die Sets
  • Square or Rectangular Die Sets
  • Low Profile Die Sets
  • Annular (Ring) shaped die sets
  • Vacuum Die Sets
  • 2 part split die sets
  • 3 part split (trapezoid) die sets
  • "D" shaped die sets
  Custom Long 25 mm Diameter Pellet Press Die Set   TiCN Coated 25 mm Die Set  brass and aluminium die set
custom die set pellet press