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Quote Request Form: Custom Dies and Machining

Cutting ID Pellet Press Die Set

We routinely make die sets to custom requirements. Big or small, mm or inches. We make dies in different shapes and sizes: for making round, oval and square pellets and any other shape! Lead time takes around 5-8 weeks depending on workload. Prices start from $350. Inquire today!

As a full machine shop run by research scientists, we specialize in low run items in tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper for our research customers. We offer all machining services including turning, milling, sheet metal services, welding, polishing, heat treatment and coatings for your project. If you have specialized requirements outside of die sets or your workshop is just too busy please complete the form below an ideally a sketch, drawing or photos of what you are looking for or email joe at

Custom die set designs include: 

  • Cylindrical Die Sets
  • Square or Rectangular Die Sets
  • Low Profile Die Sets
  • Annular (Ring) shaped die sets
  • Vacuum Die Sets
  • 2 part split die sets
  • 3 part split (trapezoid) die sets
  • "D" shaped die sets
  Custom Long 25 mm Diameter Pellet Press Die Set   TiCN Coated 25 mm Die Set  brass and aluminium die set
custom die set pellet press