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Pellet Press Band Heater Set
Custom Pellet Press Band Heater Set
Mini Temperature Controller

Heater Band and Temperature Controller 200°C

Pellet Press Die Sets
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Our easy to use heater band fits over the outside of the die sleeve with open top and base allowing you to make your pellets at temperature up to 200°C.

  • Plug in ready 110V, single phase
  • Control temperature up to 200°C
  • Simple to use PID temperature controller with accurate feedback
  • Fits 45 mm OD dies (standard for die sets up to 25 mm ID)
  • Use with our Stainless Die Sets only
  • Thermocouple feedback on outside or inside of die sleeve
  • Simple button up fabric design 
  • Full customizable
  • Die set sold separately (make sure you select stainless option!)

Compatiable with any of our standard or custom 45 mm outer diameter 440C stainless steel pellet dies. 

If you are having a custom die set made - let us know you will be heating it up and we can add a hole for a thermocouple for closer positioning of the thermocouple to your sample and more accurate measurement.

If you have a larger OD, we can make a larger heater band for you.

Do not use with D2 / tool steel dies as it will remove anneal out the hardening