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Low Profile Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Low Profile Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Low Profile Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Low Profile Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Low Profile Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order

Low Profile Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order

Pellet Press Die Sets
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We will make a custom low profile die sets  to your specifications. Choose your inner diameter (ID) and Outer diameter of your ring pellet, as well as the sleeve height and material. We will make the other parts to match.

All our low profile die sets are custom as we rarely make the same OD and ID combination twice. The die set works very much like our typical pellet press dies, with the addition of a central pin which creates a ring shaped cavity. The central pin fits inside the base plate and the spacers and plunger have holes in to accommodate the central pin. During pressing there is no irect pressing of the central pin so it remains a bystander during use. At the end, the base plate is removed and we include a specially made custom ejection pin for removal of the central pin. Once removed the ring shaped pellet can be removed as with our typical sets.

Square / Rectangular Die Set - Custom Size

Choose a custom size specific to your project. 

With your die set order we’ll include:

  • Die sleeve
  • Plunger rod
  • Base plate

The design will be as per the drawings shown but tailored to your inner dimensions, height and material. The Outer diameter will be the longest diagonal + 30mm. 

Manufacture will take approx 6 weeks + delivery. We will email you within 48 hours to confirm your requirements before going into manufacture. 

The largest low profile diameter we supply 15mm. The outer diameter will be 25-30mm pending on ID size. The pressing height in the die sleeve is 8mm. Overall assembled height is 27mm. is If you require a larger inner diameter we recommend you purchase our cylindrical die sets.

Low profile die sets are made out of stainless steel.

If you want to add on to your design (eg: an additional plunger, adding holes for thermocouples, larger OD required) there will be an additional cost sent to you for payment before we can manufacture.  

Please note, we will select the Outer diameter (OD)

ID<10 mm, OD = 25mm,
10mm<ID<16mm, OD = 30mm

 ID<0.4inch, OD = 1inch,
0.4inch<ID<0.6inch, OD = 30mm


 Other Products

We can manufacture the following other custom die sets:

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  • Always wear googles and safety protection equipment
  • Clean well after use to prevent rusting.
  • Do not apply pressure beyond shown on table.
  • See our tips for making perfect pellets here.