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Square Replacement Die Set Plunger
Square Replacement Die Set Plunger

Square Replacement Die Set Plunger

Pellet Press Die Sets
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The plungers' height is 41 mm (1.61 inches), excluding the knurled knob at end of plunger.

If you have broken a square plunger or just need a spare you can order them here. If you need something else or bigger then please email us or complete the quote form.

Plungers break when they are overloaded, not inserted correctly or aligned with the pressing surfaces. The most common is when they are overloaded and this is particularly true with the smaller ones where a few pumps of the hydraulic press handle can lead to very high stresses on small-cross sectional area of the plunger.

We have tested our plungers and made 1000s of them. Please don't push the limits and please use within the recommended limits on the product page. If you are using enough force to break high strength heat treated steel, This is more than enough to compress powders together. 

Please note that these plungers are for the standard height die sets only, they are not suitable for the tall die sets. If you need a replacement plunger for a tall die set, please email us or complete our quote form.

For square plungers we use wire EDM, which is a slow process but cuts very accurately. This is different from the circular die sets. The polishing of all corners/edges also takes more time to achieve the high level of finish.

Press safely!