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Micro Compression Load Cells
Micro Compression Load Cells
Micro Compression Load Cells
Micro Compression Load Cells
Micro Compression Load Cells

Micro Compression Load Cells

Pellet Press Die Sets
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All load cells come with a calibrated digital reader


Our Micro Load Cells, also known as mini or miniature load cells, offer precise force measurement in small-scale applications. Each kit includes the Load Cell itself, a Portable Force Reader/Display (Battery Powered), and a Connector Cable. These load cells are ideal for measuring forces ranging from 10 to 2000 kg, providing accurate readings in lbf, kgf, Ton, and kN.


  • For weights up to 10-200 kg: Diameter: 20 mm, Height: 12 mm
  • For weights up to 200-1000 kg: Diameter: 26 mm, Height: 15 mm
  • For weights up to 1000-2000 kg: Diameter: 30 mm, Height: 18 mm

Calibrated and Ready-to-Use

All of our Micro Load Cells come pre-calibrated with a Portable Force Reader, making them ready for immediate use. With precise measurements guaranteed, you can trust our Micro Load Cells for accurate and reliable results in your small-scale applications.

Applications of Miniature Load Cells

These Micro Load Cells are particularly useful for small pellet press die sets, providing accurate force measurement when using manual presses, vices, or arbor presses. Whether you're conducting small-scale experiments or performing delicate pressing tasks, our Micro Load Cells ensure precise measurement and control.

Customization Options

We offer customization options to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need a different maximum force capacity or a unique size, we can accommodate your needs. Our standard sizes range up to 200 kg, 1000 kg, and 2000 kg, providing flexibility and versatility for various applications.

Accuracy and Reliability

While slightly less accurate than larger load cell options, our Micro Load Cells still offer impressive accuracy at 0.5%. This level of precision is ideal for most pressing applications, surpassing the accuracy of hydraulic force measurements on a gauge. Count on our Micro Load Cells for consistent and reliable performance in your small-scale operations.

Enhance your precision weighing capabilities with our Micro Load Cells. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and order your Micro Load Cell kit.