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Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge
Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge
Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge
Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge
Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge
Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge
Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge
Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge
Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge

Compression Load Cells with Force Gauge

Pellet Press Die Sets
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What You Get With Your Load Cell

  • Load Cell
  • Portable Force Reader / Display (Battery Powered, reads force in lbf, kgf, Ton, kN). 
  • Connector Cable

Please note that each Force Reader is calibrated to the load cell it comes with and therefore they are always sold together, It is not possible to connect 1 reader to multiple load cells. Reader required 4 x AAA batteries (not included).

Why Might You Need a Force Gauge?

Accurate force measurement is crucial when it comes to compressing powders into good pellets. There are several scenarios where you might find yourself in need of a force gauge:

  • You lack confidence in your current gauge's accuracy.
  • Your press is equipped with a pressure gauge (not a force gauge), but you don't know the piston area to calculate force.
  • Your press doesn't have a gauge at all, and you need a reliable way to measure force.
  • Your work involves very low forces, demanding a sensitive measuring tool.
  • You require a highly precise reading of force for quality control.

Get Accurate Force Measurements: Make Better Pellets

In the world of pellet production, precision is paramount. The quality, durability, and consistency of your pellets directly depend on the force applied during compression. 

How a Strain Gauge Load Cell / Force Gauge Works

At the heart of accurate force measurement lies the strain gauge load cell. This specialized sensor utilizes the principle of strain – the deformation of an object under the influence of an applied force. You can place your load cell dirctly under your die set during pressing. As your hydraulic press exerts pressure on the powder, the load cell's strain gauges detect even the slightest deformations and convert them into electrical signals.

These signals are then translated into precise force readings, displayed on a digital interface. Whether you're working with high forces or delicate compressions, a strain gauge load cell provides real-time data, empowering you to optimize your pellet production process.

Understanding Stress in Your Pellet and Plunger Head

Stress, defined as force divided by cross-sectional area, determines the structural integrity of your plunger head and how much force is directed into compressing your powder. The force applied must be carefully calibrated to ensure optimal pellet quality.

Consider the range of force per unit area needed for well-formed pellets. Too little force, and your pellets may lack density and durability. Too much force, and you risk damaging your equipment or compromising pellet quality by exceeding the fracture limit of the pellet itself. Load cells enable you to strike the perfect balance, resulting in pellets that meet the highest industry standards.

Maintaining Safe Limits for Long-Lasting Die Sets

Your hydraulic press operates within a dynamic environment of force and pressure. Exceeding safe limits can lead to premature wear and tear, affecting both your press and die sets. Load cells play a pivotal role in ensuring that your force application remains within these safe parameters.

By accurately monitoring force, load cells help you prevent overloading, extending the lifespan of your equipment and reducing maintenance costs. With our load cells, you can achieve the delicate balance of force required for efficient pellet production without compromising the longevity of your die sets.

Choose Excellence, Choose Load Cell Technology

Accurate force measurements lead to pellets that are consistently dense, durable, and of the highest quality.

Contact us today to explore our range of hydraulic equipment and tools, all integrated with cutting-edge load cell technology. Unleash the potential of your pellet production and embark on a journey toward unmatched precision and success.