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25 Ton Hydraulic Laboratory Press

25 Ton Hydraulic Laboratory Press

Pellet Press Die Sets
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Hydraulic Press with simple all-in-one design to mitigate oil leaks. Max pressing force of 25 Tons (222 kN). This press comes with a pressure gauge and has a 7 inch (150 mm) max die height and max acceptable die diameter 3.15 inch (80 mm). This press can be used for exerting sufficient force for making pellets using dies under 75 mm inner diameter.

Top pressing surface on screw thread allowing quick aligning with the top of the die set and sample removal of the die unit.

Max piston distance: 30 mm (sufficient for use with all our dies)
Outer dimension: 245 x 175 x 415 mm
Gross Weight: 75kg (165 lbs)