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Cylindrical Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Cylindrical Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Cylindrical Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Cylindrical Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Cylindrical Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Cylindrical Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order
Cylindrical Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order

Cylindrical Die Set - Custom Size - Made to Order

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We will make a custom cylindrical die set  to your specifications. Choose your inner diameter (ID) and Outer diameter of your ring pellet, as well as the sleeve height and material. We will make the other parts to match.

All our cylindrical die set are custom as we rarely make the same OD and ID combination twice. The die set works very much like our typical pellet press dies, with the addition of a central pin which creates a ring shaped cavity. The central pin fits inside the base plate and the spacers and plunger have holes in to accommodate the central pin. During pressing there is no irect pressing of the central pin so it remains a bystander during use. At the end, the base plate is removed and we include a specially made custom ejection pin for removal of the central pin. Once removed the ring shaped pellet can be removed as with our typical sets.

With your custom cylindrical die set order we’ll include the following:

  • 1x Die sleeve

  • 1x Plunger rod

  • 2x Spacers

  • 1x Base plate

  • 1x Aluminium release ring with cut-out for viewing pellet during release 

The custom die set will be as per the drawing shown with the following custom dimensions:

  • Die Sleeve inner diameter (ID) made to your dimension.

  • Die Sleeve height will be as per your dimension.

  • Material type will be as per your selection.

Please note, we will select the Outer diameter (OD)

  • ID <10 mm, OD = 40 mm

  • 10mm< ID <25mm, OD = 45 mm

  • ID >25 mm, OD = ID+30 mm

If you need a custom OD, please complete the custom quote form here.

Notes relating to your order: 

  • Manufacture will take approx 6-7 weeks + delivery. We will email you within 48 hours if we have any questions before. Shipping your custom die set: Free shipping across USA.

  • If you want to add on to your design (eg: an additional plunger, adding holes for thermocouples, different OD required) please complete the form here and we will process your quote offline. 

  • We are unable to advise on the maximum force on your custom die set. You can find details on our standard materials and diameters on the product page for reference. We recommend doing stress test calculations on your custom design before purchasing.

  • The internal parts are ground to high tolerances (+/- 0002 inch) to allow the plunger to fit and slide perfectly.


D2 tool steel (60-62 HRC) For most pellets our standard die sets will be perfect for the job. The die set is heat treated for high hardness and strength of 80,000 psi. D2 tool steel is a good all-round cold die steel, with good toughness, hardness and strength on heat treatment. It holds a great finish which will last with most common lab materials. Please note: This material cannot be heated due to the heat treatment. This steel will rust if left wet, if this happens it can easily be removed.
400 series Stainless Steel. For a die set with great corrosion resistance and for those heating their dies up to 250°C (482°F), this is a great choice. Stainless steel is a more expensive starting material and is is slower to machine which leads to than a higher costs than our regular die sets. Our stainless die sets are heat treated for high hardness (~C58) and have extremely high strength (120,000 psi). 
Tungsten Carbide. Tungsten carbide offers excellent compressive strength, corrosion resistance, very high hardness and even high temperature capabilities. For most powder pressing in the lab – it would be overkill but for some applications can be great.

    As is common, we recommend using materials with a 50% safety margin, this will be more than enough to make great pellets. Please note this is easily exceeded in a hydraulic press when using small ID die sets. Overloading plungers is the leading cause of die set failure. It’s not necessary, it is 100% avoidable and is absolute pain to wait for a new one. If you break your custom plunger, there will be a long wait for a new one, so best figure out your numbers first. Protect yourself and others at all times.

    The graph shown is a reference graph for maximum which can be used but does not take into account hoop stresses in small OD sets or buckling stresses if there is a lot of unsheathed plunger during pressing (i.e: pressing long pellet), also assumes an ideal parallel set up. 


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    • Always wear googles and safety protection equipment
    • Clean well after use to prevent rusting.
    • Do not apply pressure beyond shown on table.
    • See our tips for making perfect pellets here.